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Concerned Citizens for the Quinte Cultural Centre and Library

 The Quinte Cultural Centre Dream

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If you have found this page you probably are aware of the Quinte Cultural Centre fiasco. After close to six years of hard work, nearly $2 million donated, and plans produced for what could be one of the best arts, performing arts centres in all of eastern Ontario, without warning in a special budget meeting April 16, 2003  our council reneged on its previous commitments  by voting 8 to 1  to  refuse bridge financing, thereby killing the project. The only councilor that has been fully and consistently supportive of the project is Councilor Parker.
What was the QCC all about?

At a subsequent evening session of council on Apr 28, 2003 to reconsider the decision the vote this time was 6 to 3 with councilor Beer and mayor Zegouras also supporting. However this was easy to do at this point because it would have taken 6 votes for to overturn the previous decision. Clearly this meeting was just for appearances sake.

One way or another the QCC has been on the agenda of every council meeting since and the council stubbornly sticks to its position.

Meanwhile the anger and letters to the editor just won't stop. After 5 months the council has never really attempted to answer why the decision was made. They claim to be proceeding post haste on the stand-alone library but unless they sweeten the pot considerably over the $3 million they were prepared to put into the QCC and/or provide bridge financing for that project we will not have a new library for a long, long time. Certainly it will be well outside the time frame of the existing council. It seems to me the big push is on to get the BCIVS building demolished.
Rumors persist about secret deals with developers that perhaps fell through (some of the links below seem to indicate this) but perhaps we will never know.
There is good reason why the supporters find it hard to let this issue go. In fact there are millions of reasons.
In lost grants and donations and pledges the city is throwing away something like $9 million! This doesn't even count the value of the BCIVS building. The value of the restored building was evaluated at $28 million. As you can see, killing this project, when there was very little risk the cost would ever exceed that of a stand-alone library, is hardly petty crime.

See the  links page for some more background. I will try to update reasonably frequently.

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