Back from the Brink
On May 04,2004 the Citizens for Downtown Belleville presented the PBS Documentary at the Belleville Club.
Many citizens of our city are becoming increasingly concerned about our city's future. Belleville can and should do better. But it will take the will of our citizens and cooperation and leadership from our city council and administration.
Back from the Brink poster
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Mr. William S. Wills was the impetus for this presentation. Mr. Wills is familiar with past planning/revitalization initiatives for the downtown. He recounted some of the lost opportunities to take advantage of government funding. But plans for the redevelopment were prepared several years ago so there is something to work with. The riverfront trail was identified as part of that plan. The film pointed out that cities in worse shape than Belleville were able to make the transition to a vibrant people friendly downtown. It pointed out the importance of this in maintaining the community as a desireable place to live and as a magnet to attract tourism and business.

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