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The  home of the Meale Family Website - Rome wasn't built in a day; so please be patient.
Actually this is the self-indulgent website of  John Meale. The Meales are not particularly homogeneous in beliefs, likes, hobbies etc. - we just share common ancestors.

April 14, 2009 I have added a password restricted page for family use.

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Quinte Cultural Centre and Library  updated Nov 27, 2003

New Belleville Library     updated May 05/04

There may still be hope for bringing us back from the Brink. The unanimous decision by Belleville Council at the May10/04 meeting is encouraging. They did the right thing by selecting the Pinnacle St./Campbell St. site. It is too bad we could not observe the process that went on in the in-camera meeting prior to the council meeting. Thanks to all those people who lobbied through letters to the editor, work on the petition, arranging for showing the Back from the Brink video etc., etc. And especially, thanks to the non site-selection-committee members of council for not being cowed into selecting a less desireable site.

As BCI comes down watch for the wall of shame to go up here. The disgraceful destruction of this building that would have provided a library and cultural centre for less than the cost of the library (there I've said it again!) must never be forgotten.

Back from the Brink  rescuing downtown Belleville added may 05/04

New Parks and Recreation Department Administrative Office  
$1.6 million to house 12 Parks and Rec Staff - Outrageous

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